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Welcome Mom’s, pregnant people and anyone who wants to heal!  We are here to help.


If you are pregnant and want to prepare your body for birth – we can help.

If you are pregnant and having any pains – we can help.

If you are postpartum and having any issues after birth – we can help.

We understand what the body goes through for birth.  We know how to evaluate your body to make sure your baby is in the best position for birth and heal your body to eliminate any pains or problems you may be experiencing during pregnancy and after birth.

We are your pregnancy and postpartum recovery experts!

After treating thousands of postpartum clients we’ve discovered common patterns that your body goes through in order to birth a baby. 

We know exactly what to look for and how to help release these patterns to help you feel and function better in your body after birth.  

Your pelvis, abdomen and pelvic floor muscles are the main areas of concern and we know just what to do to assist you in your goals of less pain and greater function.  

Birth is a natural process but the act of birth can be very traumatic for some.  

Our experienced therapists are highly trained and effective in listening to your body to guide us in resolving traumatic births, emotional releases and anything that is holding you back from enjoying greater balance and flow in your body and in your life.  

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Whether you see Jeni or Lynn both are equally skilled to help you out.  Jeni is who Lynn trusts to work on her own body and she only works with the best!  

About Jeni

Jeni has been certified through the Institute for Birth Healing as a Birth Healing Specialist. She has a lot of experience working with clients and adds the special energetic/intuitive component to her work that Lynn does and teaches. Jeni is the person Lynn goes to for her own bodywork!

Jeni received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, continued graduate work in Exercise Physiology, and culminated her academics with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She began her professional career working in a sports and orthopedic clinic in Southern California gleaning information on pre and post surgical rehabilitation from renowned orthopedists, working with professional and non-professional athletes, and honing her skills especially on shoulder and knee injuries. When she moved to Colorado, she continued to expand her knowledge in orthopedics working in a variety of outpatient clinics. 

Jeni believes that people are cared for best when they are treated as a whole person, and not as a single diagnosis. People are the story of all that has happened to them, all their injuries. This belief guided her in pursuing advanced education in areas outside of orthopedics and sports. She has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education classes in Manual Therapy, Orthopedics and Sports Rehab, and has sought out classes in scoliosis, neurokinetic therapy, and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Taking classes through the Institute for Birth Healing opened her eyes to treating patients more thoroughly and deeper. Jeni is certified in Dry Needling, NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) and Pelvic Floor Rehab/Women’s Health Issues. Her pelvic floor certification is through The Institute for Birth Healing. In addition to taking classes, she has lectured on shoulder rehabilitation, taught basic manual therapy, and assisted in NKT classes. 


Lafayette, CO

About Lynn

With over 30 years of experience as a physical therapist and helping people to heal, Lynn’s passion lies in listening to you and your body to know where to go to assist you in your healing. 

Working mainly with pregnant and postpartum clients Lynn knows what to look for and how to help your body heal after birth.  

A graduate from Saint Louis University’s physical therapy program in 1990, Lynn uses the knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with the energetic listening to the tissues to guide her treatment sessions.  She addresses the body and tissues from all levels, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, which offers a deeper and more complete healing of your issues.  

Longmont, CO
1490 Clover Creek Dr. 

Currently working out of my residential office in Longmont and in

Denver, CO

At the Mamahood – 3020 Clayton St.